Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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March 30th, 2016


One of the projects that we recently finished was the bumpers. In last year's competition we did not need to have bumpers as the teams where completely separated, but this year they are, as is the norm, required. To create these we first had the build team secure pool noodles to wood using the fabric that signifies our team color, then they added the Velcro for the ease of changing our team color (red or blue). After that the business team created stencils, then painted our team number onto all of the 8 surfaces for our bumpers. As with many things this year, these are most certainly the best bumpers we have had thus far, and we look forward to driving onto the playing field come April 6th.

Driver Station

The diver station is one of the most important assets to our team when we are competing in scrimmages or the FRC itself. It is where our laptops and controllers are stationed to remotely control the robot on the field, and also helps to represent us as a team. Some teams go the simple route with their driver station, while others go all out with LED's, Velcro and other fancy stuff. This, as with many other things this year, will be the best yet for us. With the artistic expertise of Roger Loyson, Ryan Speck and myself, Hunter Bolte where able to create the main aluminum frame for it using unique aluminum welding techniques. Now all we have to do is insert the LED light strips, the light deffusers, Velcro and other things. Who knows, we may have created the very first tank-proof driver station.

The Booster Club

Due to unforeseen inconveniences with money transfers and reimbursement with the Bemidji Area School District, our team had to do a things a little different this year. Now, we fortunately have the Booster Club, which helps with the flow of funds and financial decision making in our team. The people on this include team member's parents and mentors (who may also be parents of our members). These people include Colleen Speck, Nick Rowland, Joyce Siegert, Twila Bolte, Mary Bjerke and Terri Mans.

we art going to has't a new parteth in our arsenal of pit items anon, and thee'll heareth about t at which hour we has't t did complete! and i might not but eke bid thee about the new cam'ra we did get f'r the team on the next posteth!

-Author Hunter Bolte

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