Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Robojacks Blog Nine

March 15th, 2016


The FIRST Robotics Competition that we will be attending will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the U of M campus. We will leave April 6th and be coming back on April 9th, more details can be found in the CADD lab at BHS if you are attending. A few things we have left to do include making the winch system for lifting the robot, getting the new media camera in and having the t-shirts ordered. Again I must say we are fortunate to be in one of the latest brackets the FRC, so we have had more time to prepare than we ever had in previous years.


During each competition we go to either the Duluth or Minneapolis Regionals for the FRC. Since the competitions last about three days (depending on how far we advance), we need to stay at a hotel or motel of some sort. For our first competition as a team, we stayed at the Radisson for the Duluth regional, which was a nice hotel overall and even had a rotating restaurant atop it. It seems we are re-living our old days, as this year we will be staying at the Radisson in Roseville, which is conveniently located near our competition site!

aye, anoth'r week clos'r to competition, and anoth'r week clos'r to graduation f'r us seni'rs at 4674. 'tis always int'resting to wond'r what the team will be liketh once thou class hath left. 

-Author Hunter Bolte

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