Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Robojacks Blog Seven

February 24th, 2016


At Nevis, Minnesota is where we attended our first and only scrimmage before build season ended. We had a great time and got our robot to work far better than it had been. Pieces of field elements went flying, as well as wheels and other robotic components, but in the end almost everyone was better off then they were before. We learned that our robot could traverse over or under most of the obstacles in the field, and afterwords we decided to add a mechanism that would allow us to traverse over at least one more obstacle. We had two days to complete it, and we did, but our work is far from over.

Build Season Has Ended

Yesterday, at 11:59 pm is when build season ended, and now most of the robot is put away for safe keeping. We will continue to work on the mechanism that will lift us up at the end of each game, but for now our robot can do the following: It can drive over rough and uneven terrain, it can pick up boulders and shoot them a short distance into the low goals, it is low enough to do anything that requires a short robot and it can lift the door obstacle.


We are always looking for sponsors or people to contact for sponsorship, so if you are interested in sponsoring us (and have not already), or have a businesses or individual that you recommend we contact, we would be happy for you support!

Take a Peak

Here is our robot in action, but it won't be truly complete until competition comes.

this is by far the best robot we hast built yet, and i am fustian of how clutch the buildeth team came in with the final adjustments bef're we did our final hours of driving it. with an actual official scouting team, a beastly robot, top-notch spons'rs, a great cam'ra and ev'rything else, we shouldst be doing fine at competition, which will taketh placeth april 6th-9th.

-Author Hunter Bolte

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Robojacks Blog Six

February 16th, 2016

Nevis Scrimmage

On Saturday, the 20th of this month, we will be going to Nevis Minnesota to our first scrimmage. This will be soon before our season will end, so the robot will be near its complete form. During this scrimmage the will have a mock-up of what the arena will be and we will be able to see how our robot will interact with other robots while on the field.

The Upcoming End

Next Tuesday (the 23rd) will be the final day of our build season, thus ending the time we have available to work on the robot. We are surpassing our goals on how fast we wanted to get the robot done, but are facing some challenges. We will have a little bit less to do after build season without most of our robot to build, but anticipation for the competition will grow ever stronger.

Lumberjack Live

Tate Martinson came to our robotics meeting tonight and got another taste of what our team is about. He got some interviews and got some video. If all goes well we will be on Lumberjack Live within a week or two. And if you did not know, Lumberjack Live (or LJL) is the Bemidji High School "news" outlet and gives us information and announcements every morning, and entertaining videos every Wednesday.

The Cheer and the Cannon

This Friday we will be showing off our t-shirt cannon at one of our school snow week get-togethers in our main gym. We have conspired with the cheer-leaders and will be giving a decent show for the students and staff at BHS. Our t-shirt cannon has undergone many modifications since the summer and will be more than ready for the task at hand.

aye, i am in a hie so i will maketh this briefeth. things art great and we art hard at w'rk (f'r the most parteth. ) aye, this is the sooth.

-Author Hunter Bolte

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Robojacks Blog Five

February 4, 2016

Field Elements

We are getting well into the progress of building our field elements, and have built three so far. These will be used for testing our robot and seeing how well it will be able to traverse over, through or under certain obstacles. Unfortunately we may have to make minor changes to these as the season, due to the changing rules that FIRST releases.


Our robot is being built and we are getting more done than just the chassis. We are currently working on a new way to mount our electronics in a unique way, and our boulder manipulating device is being constructed. The treads will also have a harder time falling off with new adjustments the build team has made to the "wheels". This may be the year where we have our most expensive robot yet (while staying within the FRC limit of course.)

Setting the Presets

The business team is currently working towards making templates, creating accounts, getting new equipment and doing other things to set us up for the future. This is similar to programmers making the first programs in our first years of 4674, then only having to modify them later.

i am impress'd as ev'r with our progresseth, and the outlook on things is pretty dog at this moment. we couldst be going festinate'r with some things, but the ammount of new stuffeth that we art doing far outweighs that.

-Author Hunter Bolte