Thursday, February 4, 2016

Robojacks Blog Five

February 4, 2016

Field Elements

We are getting well into the progress of building our field elements, and have built three so far. These will be used for testing our robot and seeing how well it will be able to traverse over, through or under certain obstacles. Unfortunately we may have to make minor changes to these as the season, due to the changing rules that FIRST releases.


Our robot is being built and we are getting more done than just the chassis. We are currently working on a new way to mount our electronics in a unique way, and our boulder manipulating device is being constructed. The treads will also have a harder time falling off with new adjustments the build team has made to the "wheels". This may be the year where we have our most expensive robot yet (while staying within the FRC limit of course.)

Setting the Presets

The business team is currently working towards making templates, creating accounts, getting new equipment and doing other things to set us up for the future. This is similar to programmers making the first programs in our first years of 4674, then only having to modify them later.

i am impress'd as ev'r with our progresseth, and the outlook on things is pretty dog at this moment. we couldst be going festinate'r with some things, but the ammount of new stuffeth that we art doing far outweighs that.

-Author Hunter Bolte

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