Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Robojacks Blog One

December 22, 2015

The New Blog

Hello, and welcome to team 4674’s official blog! This blog will be a weekly post of the main things happening within our team. We will give notifications of fundraisers, post photos, tell you about up-coming events and give you the basic information.

Parents! We need you help!

Build Season is coming!  Our Kick-off event at Nevis High School is January 9th.  This is the big day we find out what the game is for this season.  The following six weeks are spent using every minute of every day we can to build an amazing robot.  This is where you come in parents!  We need parents to volunteer to help/mentor students after school for the 6 weeks that follow January 9th.  Any amount to time you can commit would be amazing.  If you have any experience in metals, electricity, machining, programing, running business or carpentry we need you!  There will be a short informational meeting at 5pm at BHS in room 2155 on January 5th to organize a group of parents that are willing to help us.  Every successful FIRST Robotics team has a host of volunteer mentors that make the team strong.  For more information call our coach Chris Conway at 218-556-3645.

Popcorn Fundraiser

Our first fundraiser is here! We are currently selling popcorn from the Popcorn Factory, a company that makes fresh bagged popcorn upon order. Currently we have the following flavors available in 6 oz. bags for $4: Caramel and Almond. These flavors are only $2 and at 1.5 oz.: White Cheddar and Jalapeno. We are also selling popcorn balls for $1 and are 1 oz.

LaValley Industries

On December 22, we will be going to Lavalley Industries and presenting to them about who we are. They will be one of the many companies and businesses that we will go to in order to get support for our team.

The Kickoff

On January 9th we will be going to the kickoff! At this event we will be getting our first peek at what our event is going to be based on and how to play the game. This will be the start of our intensive build season in which most of the work will be done, including the construction of our robot.  Our team is leaving
the High School at 7am and returning by 5pm on this day.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Robojacks Blog

Thursday December 18, 2015

     Greetings, this is the official blog of the FIRST team 4674, aka the Robojacks. If you have received this then either you or your child is a part of our great team, and will be receiving these weekly. We will give general information and important reminders in the future, so be ready to hear form us soon! For more information on our team visit our website here.