Thursday, January 28, 2016

Robojacks Blog Four

February 1, 2016

Putting the Pieces Together

Our chassis is coming along using a variety of original designs, and some major components are even products of one of our 3D printers! We are happy with our progress, and are considering what we should use for pneumatics in our design.

The Hero

Thanks to the heroic efforts to Gabe and his wallet, our day was saved and our bellies filled. We have a sign-up sheet for snacks every Tuesday of the build season, and for his day Gabe brought several hot Domino's pizzas and several 12 packs of pop. "Ya, I wanted to get too much pop," he says "so that we can have some in reserve." Our productivity increased exponentially after a temporary flat-line, and Gabe was thanked by most of the students that where there.


The programming team has been busy at work on the expensive laptop that LaValley donated to us, and now are waiting for the completed chassis to test them. We have a lot of programmers-in-training, so we are confident that when our seniors leave that 4674 will be in good shape.

plenty of things to be built f'r this year, a new robot cart, new pit dec'r and of course a new robot. and i hast anon decid'd that mine final w'rd of each blog will be in shakespearean in hon'r of stronghold, this years competition. we art staying active and venturing onward!

-Author Hunter Bolte

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